Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy is gentle. We never push you, exhaust you, or ask you to do anything that is painful.  

Yoga therapy is different from physical therapy.  This is not a work-out and what we teach you differs physical therapy exercises.

We focus on releasing (not stretching)  the deep tensions in the core of your body.   What we do ensures that you are comfortable and at ease throughout a session.

All Yoga Therapy sessions are private, one-on-one sessions.

Every yoga therapy protocol includes giving you a practice to do for yourself—a practice specific to your body, abilities, needs, and time constraints.

We teach you how to be self reliant so that you are not dependent on a therapist.

Yoga Therapy may use one of two techniques or a combination of both in any given session, depending on your needs. The two techniques are:


Yoga Poses (Asanas)

You are assisted through a gentle series of therapeutic yoga poses specific your level of ability, needs, and comfort. These are selected to release tensions and help dissolve any pain you may have.

Each pose is fully supported.  You are completely comfortable, allowing for opening and softening into the pose, rather than forcing or imposing the pose upon your body.

This is a gentle, tranquil process.


Quintessence Yoga Therapy

In Quintessence Yoga Therapy™ is for those who have very limited ranges of movement. The therapist places you in a comfortable, relaxed position on your back, either on the floor or on a massage table if you cannot easily get to the floor. You are supported by blankets and cushions. The therapy consists of soft, gentle touch on some of your bones which releases the tension in the muscles along your spine. This is a very gentle but deep release of muscle tensions which are causing pain or discomfort.



By appointment only

First 1 1/2 hour Session - $125.
(includes intake, history, and initial treatment)

additional 1 hour Treatment sessions - $85.








Wondering if yoga therapy is right for you?

Contact us for a free 20 min consultation to discuss. 

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