Yoga THErapy Training

Contemplative Practice Yoga Therapy training® is separate from our Yoga Teacher Training.  

Our Yoga Therapy training does not derive from our status as a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Contemplative Practice Yoga® Therapy training is unique in several ways. First of all, our classes are small, there are never more than six people in any training. Second, our yoga therapy is based in a deep understanding of physiology of movement of muscles and bones.  We do not teach or practice “stretching, core strengthening, flexion and extension” as derived from physical therapy or other yogas based in physical therapy.

Our therapy training classes are small — each student receives personal attention and mentoring. This creates profound understanding of anatomy, the principles of the therapy, and their application in private yoga therapy sessions.

This is a program individuals who are serious about developing a private client yoga therapy practice in addition to teaching therapeutically oriented Contemplative Practice Yoga® classes.

Prerequisites for this training

  • Certified Contemplative Practice Yoga® Teacher

  • RYT 200

  • An interview is required for admission into the program


  • Level 1: Treating Pain and Basic Therapeutic Protocols for general well-being, common disorders, and common injuries.

  • Level 2: Therapeutic Protocols for more severely debilitative disorders and potentially terminal diseases.

  • Level 3: Specialized studies for specific clientele.

In addition, each module includes:

  • Philosophical and practical principles underlying the therapeutic protocols.

  • Applied Anatomy

  • Specific therapeutic practices including asana, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation.

  • General and applied anatomy and physiology.

  • Tools for understanding and communicating with medical professionals.

  • Basic principles of the therapeutic relationship including limits and scope of Yoga Therapy and personal limitations.

  • Effective intake, evaluation, and observation methods.

  • Ethical principles for Health Care and ethical principles specific to Yoga Therapy.

  • Methods and practice for self-examination in order to assess your knowledge, scope of training, and experience for application to professional practice.

  • Basic record keeping and business practices.

  • How to work as part of a therapeutic team with other health professionals.

What you will be expected to demonstrate competency in:

  • Ability to create therapeutic protocols and and communicate effectively about their application.

  • Ability to take a history, observe, evaluate, and set appropriate therapeutic protocols.

  • Ability to determine which aspects of client’s condition can be effectively addressed by Yoga Therapy.

  • Ability to assess effectiveness of therapy and address new or changing conditions, providing either ongoing therapy or ending therapeutic modules as appropriate.

Dates of Training:

  • Module I (first 100 hours) November 2019.


Levels of Competency

  • Level 1 Foundational

  • Level 2 Intermediate

  • Level 3 Advanced/Specialized

Each level of training consists of contact hours, home study, and supervised internships between/after each intensive training session.

The total number of contact hours if you complete all three levels is 500.

The total home-study hours is 75—twenty-five after each training level is completed.

The total clinically supervised intern/extern hours is 90—thirty following each training level.



RYT-200 and certification as a Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher. Teaching experience as Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher.


Candidates for the program must complete the application form and submit it in advance of registration.


Personal interview is required as part of the application process.


A typical daily schedule is as follows

  • Morning session

  • Lunch break

  • Afternoon and Evening sessions with clinical supervised practice

  • Dinner break


  • Comfortable clothing appropriate to the season

Where to Stay

  • Special rates have been negotiated at several nearby hotels, including some with kitchens and refrigerators.

  • There may also be home-stays available with local hosts. Please inquire.

  • Upon registration you will be given information about the hotels.


You will receive training materials consisting of worksheets and reference materials at each training. These include materials covering all of the major topics in the training. These are designed to support you in your ongoing studies and practicum in between training sessions.


Cost for Yoga Therapy Training is $4200 per module which includes tuition, materials fee, and non-contact hour training.

Those who have completed Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher training are eligible for this training, the dates of which are arranged for the group’s convenience.

Please contact us for details.

Our class sizes are limited to ensure you get the most effective and fulfilling training possible.


Want more information about becoming a Contemplative Practice Yoga Teacher?  

Contact us for details.