Yoga Teacher Training

Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher training is an accredited program and Yoga School (RYS 200), with Yoga Alliance, the national accrediting agency for Yoga Teacher Training in the United States. 

Accreditation means that our program and curriculum meet the standards for certification as a Contemplative Practice Yoga® teacher as well as Registration as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the 200 hour level with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200).

This yoga training is unique in that our classes are small.  Our trainings are modeled on the kind of tutorials students receive at Oxford or Cambridge Universities  — there are never more than 6 students in any given yoga teacher training. You receive personal attention and mentoring creating a profound understanding of the principles of the practice and of their application in classes and in private teaching.

Kim offers this yoga teacher training in two intensive eight day modules for the most effective learning.

This is a program for those who are serious about their yoga training with the goal of teaching therapeutic yoga classes and who may be interested in becoming yoga therapists.

The application process includes an interview in order to help determine whether this program is a good match for each candidate.


  • Full attendance for each immersion module or at each weekend module

  • Cultivation of a daily practice

What to Expect

A typical daily schedule is as follows:

  • Morning session

  • Lunch break

  • Afternoon/early evening session

  • Dinner break

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing appropriate to the season

Where to Stay:

  • Special rates have been negotiated at several nearby hotels, including some with kitchens and refrigerators.

  • There also may be home-stays available with local hosts. Please inquire.

  • Upon registration you will be given information about the hotels.

What you will learn

  • How to teach safely and effectively

  • How to teach students with varying needs and abilities

  • How to teach poses for the lower and upper spine, standing and balance poses, seated poses, twists, and pranayama

  • How to demonstrate and use effective language for instruction

  • How to observe and respond to student needs, including giving gentle and beneficial alignments and adjustments

  • How to sequence poses and create lesson plans appropriate to different levels of classes and student needs.

  • Basic human anatomy and physiology

  • Application of human anatomy to yoga practice

  • Physical and non-physical benefits of the poses

  • Common physical limitations and their contra-indications for practice

  • Philosophical principles underlying the practice

  • Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct

What you will be expected to demonstrated competency in

  • Teaching and demonstrating poses

  • Familiarity with names of poses in Sanskrit and English

  • Familiarity with Benefits and contra-indications for poses

  • Ability to observe and respond to individual student needs

  • Ability to use both verbal and physical alignments and adjustments

  • Ability to use language to demonstrate and convey instructions effectively

  • Familiarity with and application of underlying philosophical principles of practice

  • Familiarity and application of physical and anatomical principles of practice

  • Code of Ethics for professional conduct

  • Understanding and application of principles of sequencing and lesson planning

  • Ability to adapt poses and practices to individual student needs

*Successful completion of the course and demonstrated competency are the requirements for eligibility for certification as a Contemplative Practice Yoga teacher.


Training Materials and Reading

You will receive training materials consisting of worksheets and reference materials at each training. These are designed to support you in your ongoing studies and practicum in between training sessions. You will also be expected to take written notes.

In addition to the training materials, you may wish to explore the following to prepare for your training. These are suggested readings, not required readings.

  • Kapit and Elson, The Anatomy Coloring Book

  • Mark Dyczkowski, The Stanzas on Vibration.

Tuition and training dates

Cost for Yoga Teacher Training is $2300 per module, [ a total of $4600 for the entire training].   This includes tuition, materials fee, contact and non-contact hour training. The 80 contact hours are during onsite training — dates below —  followed by 20 hours of non contact training.

Dates for the Yoga Teacher training for 2019:

  • Module I (first 100 hours)  July 5-13th 2019

  • Module II (second 100 hours) April 2-9th, 2-19 open to those who have completed Module I.

Please contact us for details.

Our class sizes are limited to ensure you get the most effective and fulfilling training possible.


Want more information about becoming a Contemplative Practice Yoga Teacher?  

Contact us for details.