What to Expect from Our Therapeutic Classes

Step into the quiet of the room.

Expect a warm welcome.

You will see a lot of blankets – a lot! You will not need a mat. We will provide you with blankets instead!

All of those blankets ensure that you are softly supported so that everything you do remains comfortable for you.

This is not gym yoga.

That means don’t expect a “work out.”

We will never push or stress you. We will never ask you to push or strain yourself.

Expect to be at ease and calm during the class.

Expect to be both rested and quietly energized after a class.

Contemplative Practice Yoga® is restorative yoga. It is therapeutic yoga.

Contemplative yoga dissolves tensions in your core that cause pain and dysfunction throughout your body. We do this slowly, gently, steadily.

The classes are small. Don’t expect a crowd. You get a lot of individual attention.

Individual attention ensures that you remain comfortable throughout.

Our room is a pleasant temperature. Our music is soft and soothing, our voices are soft and soothing. Our gentle pose sequences are carefully designed to dissolve tensions and pain in your body which gives you a tranquil mind.

Expect to feel less pain. Expect to feel more calm. Expect to have more energy. Expect to feel better than you think you can feel.

Expect to enjoy!

When you come:

Come wearing comfortable clothes.

You don’t need to bring a mat because we use lots of soft blankets instead.