Kim provides an integration - an increase in dimension of understanding - and clarity of the simplicity required to reclaim my true nature. Her concerted and thorough preparation for this work is evident. Her voice creates a safe place to explore - you are in very good hands!

Kim teaches you how to get relief from physical, mental, and emotional stress. She gives you comfort and strength and teaches you how to care for yourself.
I’ve never met anyone like Kim. She is an exceptionally gifted teacher, a bold yet patient counselor, and a tremendous source of uplift and refreshment. She can be all these things, however, because she is first and foremost a lover of wisdom: she searches for truth—wherever it can be found—and then converts what she discovers into concrete insight that can benefit others. Anyone looking for someone like this (and who isn’t looking for someone like this?) need look no further. Kim is the real deal.
— Adam Eitel, Yale Divinity School