Contemplative Practice Yoga®  is a gentle, therapeutically oriented yoga. 

This is not gym yoga.


This is an integrative practice that decompresses tensions in your body, dissolving discomfort and connecting you to your calm core.

You learn new ways to find ease of movement. You become comfortable and calm in your body and mind.

The release of tension is the exact opposite of “core strengthening,” which actually creates more tension. 

Once you get core release, we teach you to move and use your body in ways that improve your balance and range of motion.

Contemplative Practice Yoga focuses on the release of tension in muscles that attach to your spine – both in the front and the back of your body along your spine on each side.  Once these muscles release, it causes release of more superficial muscles throughout your body. We do this in classes as well as yoga therapy.


In each yoga class you experience ways to take your new found comfort and calm with you into all of your physical and mental activity.

yoga for pain relief


  • True yoga for pain relief

  • Releases chronic tension throughout your body

  • Helps relieve stress and stress-related conditions

  • Helps to reduce neck pain and back pain

  • Knee and foot pain relief

  • Helps to balance your immune system

  • Quiets your mind which gives you peace of mind

  • Increases flexibility

  • Restores balance