Weekly Classes

Contemplative Practice Yoga® classes are gentle, restorative, therapeutically oriented classes. 

This is not a work out.

Each yoga class is designed to decompress the tensions in your body -- relieving stress, increasing flexibility, improving balance.  In each class you learn to dissolve discomfort and connect you to your calm core.

You learn new ways to find ease of movement through therapeutic yoga.

This release of tension is the exact opposite of “core strengthening,” which actually creates more tension.  Think about it --  when you ‘strengthen’ a muscle, you tighten it.  When you tighten your muscles you compress blood flow and oxygen throughout your muscle tissue, which actually weakens your body because the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues is diminished.

Once you get core release, we teach you to move and use your body in ways that improve your balance and range of motion.

Each class includes gentle movement in all directions, special breathing to oxygenate your body, and practices for relaxation and stress relief.

The yoga classes in Loveland are limited to ten participants so that each person receives full attention.


Thursdays @4:45pM

drop in - $20
5 class pass - $90
10 class pass - $180

Workshops and Special Events


Class Registration

Class sizes are limited to 10 people. Registration will guarantee your spot. 

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